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The McBride Family

I love photographing beautiful families…beautiful families with so much love for each other that it just makes you smile when you’re around them.  We had this session in the middle of the summer heat, but the light was beautiful and we got some gorgeous images.  Thank you so much, Jennifer, for letting me document your family.  -T.

Bradley…such a handsome young man

Luci…check out that cute pout on the right

Jolie…just so stinking CUTE

Love this series…what an amazing big brother


One of my favorites…


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I love having clients that I get to photograph each year and watch them grow as their personalities develop.  Every year I have the privilege of photographing one of the cutest little guys I’ve ever met, Rhett, for his birthday.  This year Rhett was turning three and we had so much fun during our session around the square.  Rhett’s cousin, Jonathan also came along for some photos and to help us get some smiles.  Rhett said they were in the “Big Boy Club”…and I believe it because he acted like such a big boy!   I was eight and a half months pregnant during this session so it was a little more difficult to shoot at certain angles, but we still had an awesome session.  Thank you, Deanna, for letting me photograph your family!


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Sweet Alexis

Meet Alexis…the sweetest little six-year-old girl that I know.  Alexis is my aunt and uncle, Susan and Terry’s, granddaughter.  When we went to the beach this summer and stayed in their beautiful condominium, Alexis traveled with us so she could visit her Granny and Pa.  She was as perfect as perfect could be the whole trip down to Florida…her and Thomas talked the entire trip and played and magna-doodled like crazy!  And, of course, Granny Shirley didn’t want them to get hungry or bored, so she fixed them both a special treat bag stocked with necessities like M & M’s and Capri Suns.  The day before we left, I was so excited to photograph Alexis on the beach, because I know it’s a special place for her.  You will see in these photographs how beautiful this little girl is, but I’m also amazed by her sweet nature and her intelligence…she’s simply a joy to be around.  Thank you Suz and I hope you enjoy a couple of my favorites…



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The SWEET days of summer…

Well, after a miserable failed first attempt, we finally succeeded at making homemade strawberry ice cream! To me, this is what summer is all about…cool ice cream on a hot summer day.  By the way, how many of you remember the excitement of hearing the ice cream truck blasting that cheerful music coming around the block?  You had to find money- quick…then rush to the street, just hoping and praying it didn’t already pass you by.  Oh yeah, those where the days!  Hope you’re enjoying your hot summer days!


Notice the shirt little T is wearing…I designed these and the wonderful folks at Unlimited Sports scanned in my design and voila!…a cool little t-shirt for fans of Sweet T Studios!


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