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The McBride Family

I love photographing beautiful families…beautiful families with so much love for each other that it just makes you smile when you’re around them.  We had this session in the middle of the summer heat, but the light was beautiful and we got some gorgeous images.  Thank you so much, Jennifer, for letting me document your family.  -T.

Bradley…such a handsome young man

Luci…check out that cute pout on the right

Jolie…just so stinking CUTE

Love this series…what an amazing big brother


One of my favorites…


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I love having clients that I get to photograph each year and watch them grow as their personalities develop.  Every year I have the privilege of photographing one of the cutest little guys I’ve ever met, Rhett, for his birthday.  This year Rhett was turning three and we had so much fun during our session around the square.  Rhett’s cousin, Jonathan also came along for some photos and to help us get some smiles.  Rhett said they were in the “Big Boy Club”…and I believe it because he acted like such a big boy!   I was eight and a half months pregnant during this session so it was a little more difficult to shoot at certain angles, but we still had an awesome session.  Thank you, Deanna, for letting me photograph your family!


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Justin, Aminee, & Tansy…

On a beautiful fall day in November, I photographed Justin and Aminee and their sweet dog, Tansy.  Justin and Aminee are such a fabulous looking couple and so laid back and wonderful to work with.  Our session took place at a beautiful farm that is in Aminee’s family, and the location was perfect.  Thanks for a great session Justin and Aminee!  Here are a few favorites…






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A few sessions from the busy holiday season…

The Holland Family

I’ve known this family ever since I was a little girl…Mrs. Jane was even my playschool teacher with Granny Shirley at FUMC.  I was so glad we were able to do the session at Stephen and Tamara’s beautiful home which was  surrounded by the vibrant colors of fall making a fantastic backdrop!  Photographing extended families gets really fun, too, because there is always someone on hand willing to make silly faces or crazy noises to get the kids attention.  Thanks everyone for a wonderful session!  

Little Anna Kate celebrated her 1st birthday around the time of this session…SO ADORABLE!

I love this photograph with her grandfather…can you tell she adores him?


The Underwood Family

We had beautiful weather and light for this session and things were going really well for about the first 10 minutes…but what do handsome little boys want to do in beautiful weather when there are power wheels around?  Ride 4-wheelers, of course!  We did get a couple of great family portraits in those 10 minutes, though, and one of my favorites of little Rhett- with a smile of pure happiness- is when he’s on the 4-wheeler!  That is my favorite time to capture images of little ones…when they are so happy doing what they enjoy.  Thank you all so much, and I’m looking forward to the next birthday!


Joseph, Deanna, Taylor, and Rhett…what a beautiful family!

Can you tell Rhett’s on the 4-wheeler in the photograph on the left?

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The Stafford Family…Growing

This family is the perfect picture of why I enjoy being a photographer so much.  Seeing the love that couples have for each other and, then, the unconditional love that they have for their children is something that I love to document.  It just warms my heart.  I’m so blessed to have photographed so many milestones for this wonderful family- their engagement, their wedding,the anticipation of their first child,  their precious daughter Adalynn, and, lastly,  the anticipation of their first son, Brooks.  Jasmine and Bryan…thank you so much for trusting me with your memories!  Baby Brooks has arrived since this session, and I can’t wait to meet him!


Miss Adalynn and Adalynn with Jasmine and Bryan


Love these…


Beautiful Mother…isn’t she glowing!


Can’t you just feel the love in these…


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CASEY and CONNOR…my handsome cousins

Slowly she opened her ‘personalized’ gift bag, the pink one right next to the stack of cards.  “C” it said…C for Cympee.  It was my aunt’s birthday party, and she had no idea what was hidden in that pink bag.  If you know her, you know that keeping what was in that pink bag a secret was no easy task.     Big props go to my cousins (Cympee’s handsome sons), Casey and Connor, for pulling this surprise off without a hitch!  Her feelings were hurt only a little when they went “tool shopping” and didn’t ask her to go.  I asked them when they met me for the session, (a.k.a.  tool shopping), “Did she have a clue?”  “No,” Casey said, “we’ve got it covered.”   And they did…Cympee’s reaction when she slowly opened the photos of her boys said it all.  That’s why I love photography…EMOTIONS…MEMORIES…MILESTONES…LOVE…RELATIONSHIPS…GROWTH…HAPPINESS…so many moments that can be shared forever with the snap of my shutter.  I truly love what I do.  Thank you, Casey and Connor, for helping me with the impossible and for being such rockin’ models!    Here’s a few from our session…





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Macee and Chance…

I love it when I meet a mom who takes as many photos of their children as I do of our son…and it’s even better when they’re as nice as Macee and Chance’s mom, Trevanda.  I had the great opportunity to meet Trevanda this past year, and I wish I’d met her a long time ago.  She’s just simply a great person and a great friend to talk to.  Because I know how important photographs are to her, I was so excited to photograph her two children!  Macee and Chance where troopers, because we actually shot an early morning session at 7:30.  It was at their home, and I’m so glad because it is absolutely beautiful!  Macee and Chance- you did awesome!  And Thomas really enjoyed meeting you!  Thanks, again, Trevanda…I hope you enjoy this little peek.


the beautiful Macee…


the handsome Chance…


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