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Angela’s Bridal Portraits…

Wow, where has the time gone?   I’ve been so busy lately that I am EXTREMELY behind with posting my latest sessions.  Things are settling down a bit now,  and I am so excited about catching up and showing you some of my favorite sessions yet! 

I’ll begin with Angela’s bridal session…photographed just outside of Chattanooga.  Angela is a sister-in-law to Anna, whose bridal portraits and wedding I had the wonderful opportunity of photographing this summer.   This session was a little different, though, because we actually shot  Angela’s bridal session after her and Scott Paul’s wedding day.   You see, they already had their beautiful ceremony at Scott Paul’s parents lake house…but it was an outdoor ceremony and the weather just didn’t quite cooperate that day.  The weather held off just enough to get some gorgeous photographs of Angela and Scott Paul together, but hardly any of the beautiful bride by herself.  So, I met them one morning in September at the lake house and had the best time photographing this gorgeous bride.  Thanks so much Manley family…I love photographing you all!!!



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I had spoken to Anna’s mom, Jeannie, on the phone several times ironing out all the details of photographing Anna’s bridal portraits and Anna and Matt’s wedding in Chattanooga.  I had spoken with Anna once, but just from our conversations on the phone, I suspected that both Anna and Jeannie might be two of the nicest people on the planet.  I was looking forward to meeting them when I arrived in Chattanooga for Anna’s bridals …it was an overcast day…perfect for outdoor portraits.  Jeannie met me outside of the beautiful church where the ceremony will take place, and then we went inside so I could meet Anna.  Anna greeted me with the most beautiful smile and a hug…her genuinely sweet personality is evident the moment you meet her.  But that’s not all you notice…Anna is stunningly beautiful…with a radiant smile, gorgeous hair, perfectly golden skin, and beautiful bright eyes.  You know what I mean….that kind of girl that when she walks into a room, everyone just stops and stares.  Anna and Jeannie- It was so nice to finally meet you and your family and thank you for a wonderful bridal portrait session!  I can’t wait to meet Matt at the wedding.  I’ll be in touch soon!


I’ll just let these photos speak for themselves…

This first set was taken in the church where the ceremony will be…a beautiful church built in the 1800’s.



These where taken outdoor at the beautiful home of their friend…


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